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October 5, 2016Osgoode Colloquium on Law, Religion & Social Thought - Buddhism, Constitutionalism and the Limits of LawRegister Now!
October 12, 2016Policing Normalcy: Sexual Violence Against Women Offenders with Disability Linda Steele - Dr. Linda SteeleRegister Now!
October 13, 2016Private Transnational Regulation as Networked Governance - Prof. Oren PerezRegister Now!
October 14, 2016Nathanson Guest Lecture - Oren PerezRegister Now!
October 17, 2016The Malabo Protocol and International Criminal Justice in AfricaRegister Now!
October 19, 2016Dirty Hands and Resilient Legal Gestures: Regulating the Handshake in Pandemic Culture - Prof. Sheryl HamiltonRegister Now!
October 21, 2016Re-imagining Child Welfare Systems in Canada SymposiumRegister Now!
October 25, 2016Faculty Research Seminar - Janet WalkerRegister Now!
October 28, 2016OPUTA LectureRegister Now!
November 2, 2016Law.Arts.Culture Colloquium - Amy AdlerRegister Now!
November 4, 2016Philosophy of Criminal Procedure ConferenceRegister Now!
November 16, 2016Allan Hutchinson - Faculty Research SeminarRegister Now!
November 23, 2016Osgoode' Annual Research CelebrationRegister Now!
January 25, 2017Faculty Research Seminar - Ruth BuchananRegister Now!
February 8, 2017Faculty Research Seminar - Saptarishi BandopadhyayRegister Now!
February 13, 2017Faculty Research Seminar - Signa Daum ShanksRegister Now!
March 29, 2017Faculty Research Seminar - Philip GirardRegister Now!